Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Red Light Special!

So Drew is having issues with not being able to keep a green light at school. He and another child are partners in crime I am sure. So I am trying a new incentive program. I posted this on the wall on Sunday.
So I drop him off at school on Monday and remind him of his goal and he assures me he will get a green...later that evening...Mom opens folder...RED LIGHT!!!!! Ughhh, anybody got any ideas. The poor child has lost TV, and Game privelages. All he does now is read his AR book and do his homework...sad...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Make-up Artist in the making!

Alyssa got into mommy's make-up this weekend. She was so proud that she had done her own make-up. She will be giving free makeover at a Belk near you...stay tuned for details...lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dove season begins...

So I have the cutest little tom boy. Daddy went dove hunting this past Saturday. He brought home his kill and Drew and Alyssa got right in on the cleaning...

WARNING...If you are anti-hunting, cleaning, eating, you may not want to view these pics! LOL

Drew showing me that he got blood on him...

Drew's 6th Birthday Preparations

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged, it's been pretty busy around the Lollar house. We are finally beginning to adjust to our new schedules with school and all and now I am hit with the reality that my first baby will be SIX at the end of the month. My they grow up too fast. He has requested that we have an "Army Ranger" themed party. I thought it would be easy, but of course was not all too impressed with all the pre-made store bought party supplies for this. Of course I am cheap and want to cut corners as much as possible, so I decided to work 3 times harder and make everything myself...smart huh? It has been somewhat fun though! I thought I would share a few pics and see what you all think... So here ya go!

These are the goody bags for the kids...Drew's comment was, "Mom, why are you painting the bottom of my boots?" He's so silly!

The invites...I addressed the children as Private so-and-so...I thought it was a nice touch!

I plan on making a cupcake-cake that is a battle field with army men and tanks and all that jazz...I will post pictures if I am successful!